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PRUFREX develops and realises pioneering electronics solutions. We are experts in electronic control units and digital ignition systems, in particular for small engines, electric motors and burners. With our decades of manufacturing experience, we professionally and comprehensively cover all areas of EMS provision.

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Vision / Mission

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Vision – Where do we want to go?

We play a leading role in control intelligence in combustion and electrical engines. Our innovations help protect the environment and contribute to better living comfort worldwide.

Mission – How will we achieve our goals?

We are a driving force in the industry, supporting international industry leaders with our development and manufacturing expertise to help our partners and customers make the best products available in this highly competitive market.

Prufrex Facts

Prufrex Facts


Permanent employees


Locations in Germany and the USA


Individual development projects yearly


Exclusive product developments to date


Years of success on the market


Customers worldwide


Years of experience as a manufacturer of digital controls


Highly specialised production centres


Internationally recognised patents and many other registered designs and trademark rights


PRUFREX was awarded „Supplier of the Year“. We trust that this award will serve as an incentive for PRUFREX to continue its maximum performance, and we look forward to future outstanding efforts by PRUFREX.
PRÜFREX Referenzen
PRUFREX developed the starting system for us. We thank PRUFREX for their support in this magnificent market success.
PRÜFREX Referenzen


Quality Management and Environmental Management System

We demand, of ourselves and our products, the constant delivery of exceptional quality, self improvement and customer satisfaction. That is why we are so conscious of our responsibility to people and the environment. You can be sure that we are always ensuring the highest quality in working processes (ISO 9001), that we take care to take measures to save energy and preserve the environment, and that we will always maintain the highest standards of occupational health and safety (ISO 14001).

ISO 9001 Quality Management


ISO 14001 Environmental Management System




The Foundation of the Company


The Foundation of the Company

The company is founded in Nuremberg and registers its first Patent (Device A1). It produces Stator and armature testers, motor testers and battery ignition coils.

PRÜFREX Cadolzburg


Move to today’s headquarters

PRUFREX moves house to the Egersdorf municipality, today's Cadolzburg, near Nuremberg. The company delivers to approx. 60 countries worldwide, the export ratio is approximately 70% of the total production.



An additional location

A further PRUFREX site is opened in Velburg/Oberpfalz. In the new location, the first fully automated potting plant is installed and SMD technology is introduced.

PRÜFREX – Stepping into the era of digital control units


A start in the age of digital control

PRUFREX develops its first digital ignition system with ASIC design. In 1995, the development of the first embedded micro-controller follows.

PRÜFREX – Milestone in full automation


A milestone in full automation

The first fully automated production line comes into operation in the Velburg site. Subsequently, the development of the Velburg plant continues.




With the foundation of PRUFREX USA, PRUFREX begins its activities in the United States. On the 10th of October 2014 the new PRUFREX facility is opened in Virginia Beach (VA).

PRÜFREX – 10 million IPI® ignition modules


10 million IPI® ignition modules manufactured automatically

Impressive confirmation of the value of the PRUFREX automation strategy: The 10,000,000th IPI® ignition module comes off the PX1 production line in Velburg.


Purchasing strategy

With product life and development cycles getting shorter, planning for our next generation of products is becoming increasingly complicated. We have recognised that we have to work today with the leading product developers in all sectors.

That way we can ensure that our products are where they are needed at the right time. That is why we want to combine the power of our suppliers with our own strengths. That's why we, as an international technology leader, are looking for the best supplier companies throughout the world.

Prufrex USA, Inc. Terms and conditions of Sale


Prufrex USA, Inc. Terms and conditions of Purchase


PRUFREX IPP GmbH Terms and conditions of Purchase


PRUFREX IPP GmbH Terms and conditions of Sale


News & Events

Hydrogen Alliance of Bavaria – a Bavarian hydrogen policy

PRUFREX, a company specialising in control and regulator intelligence for small engines, electric motors, burners, fuel cells and other electronically controlled appliances has joined the Hydrogen Alliance of Bavaria.

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PRUFREX provides support to the St. Johannes children's nursery

PRUFREX has donated a sum of money amounting to EUR 10,000 for use in the classrooms and the sports hall of the St. Johannes children's nursery in Velburg, as well as four CO2 monitors.

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RECYCALYSE, a project to disrupt the energy storage market

• RECYCALYSE is led by the Danish Technological Institute partnering with 10 organisations from 7 different countries

• RECYCALYSE has received €5.5 million funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme

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The fuel cell manufacturer Sunfire Fuel Cells GmbH (formerly known as New Enerday GmbH) and the electronics manufacturer PRUFREX will be working in partnership in the development of SOFC systems (solid oxide fuel cells) for the new "Sunfire Home" and "Sunfire Remote" range of products.

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Statement COVID-19

PRUFREX is constantly monitoring the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. We are continuously in contact with our suppliers and have introduced a variety of precautionary and preventive measures to protect ourselves and our employees as much as possible in order to maintain our ability to deliver.


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Horizon 2020

Horizon 2020 is a research and innovation funding program which is due to run from 2014 to 2020 and is organised by the European Commission. Horizon 2020 combines previous framework research programs of the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP) along with programs from the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT).

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Innovations motivate

We have been following the cluster mechatronics & automation for some time now and participate actively at trainings and workshops. Therefore we decided to become part of the cluster community. Clustermanger Mr. Rüdiger Busch visited PRUFREX to bestow Mr. Leo Kießling the membership certificate and from now on PRUFREX is officially part of the...

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Getting involved to minimize CO2 emissions

The RC-LowCAP project an international research consortium, which includes PRUFREX. Currently, the consortium is grappling with the de-carbonization of powertrains for vehicles such as motorbikes, quads or powersport vehicles, and light utility vehicles, because ultimately these machines contribute to global emissions, in the same way that cars do.


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PRUFREX wins Mittelfränkischer Website Award 2018

The World Wide Web is undergoing rapid changes. This dynamic is especially challenging for small and medium-sized companies. Designs that appear innovative and modern can quickly become outdated and obsolete.

In order to honour the outstanding achievements of medium-sized Central Franconian companies on the Internet and to bring together companies...

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85 years Driven by Intelligence

PRUFREX is THE expert when it comes to control and feedback control systems for small engines, e-motors, combustion engines and diverse electronically controlled applications. With its innovative electronic solution concepts, PRUFREX stands for more performance with fewer emissions and greater comfort. When it comes to development and manufacturing...

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