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EMS engineering without problematic interfaces.
As a manufacturer, we design your product electrics as if they were our own.

With PRUFREX, you are deciding for development that goes hand in hand with production. Our experts’ knowledge in control technology intelligence flows directly into your task.

We have our own development department that has completed more than 1,000 successful projects

Close interlocking of development and production

In-house test equipment development

Development consultation

Comprehensive consultation when developing your electronics –across all phases of product creation.

Feasibility studies

Making your goals realisable

Development times are getting shorter, test and production methods more complex. Our feasibility studies will give you an overview of the necessary resources, time expenditure and expected costs.

With our focus on the customer project, we will clear up all relevant questions for implementation.

Suggestions for optimisation

Offering our advice for
your product success

Our experts analyse and evaluate your requirements. How can you reach your goals given the conditions in force? What are the conceivable alternatives? We will give you well-grounded help in making your decision.

With us, you are deciding for a development partner who will always, thanks to our own manufacturing experience, contribute towards the achievement of your goals.

Product design

Our own development department using the most up-to-date design software for electronic, mechanical and mechatronic product design.

Design for Testability (DFT)

Planning for the tests to be carried out

We consider the future test strategy in the design phase and implement it in parallel with production. Among other things, during the development phase, we think ahead to consider the test contacts for the test fixture. An ICT test without test contacts is also possible.

Our forethought helps to avoid the need for expensive corrections or additional production steps.

Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

Production optimisation from the layout phase

What do we take care of from the very beginning? Among other things, making sure the outside edges of circuit boards benefit production, thinking about how a housing can be perfectly planned in, working out where connectors will be a nuisance or where wide mechanical tolerances can be permitted.

For decades, we have developed and produced together under one roof. Engineering in a way that benefits manufacture is part of our company DNA.

EMC design

Robust product electrics

The electromagnetically compatible design of a system, from first sketches through creating the circuit diagrams all the way to EMC-optimised routing on the circuit boards, allows the creation of a robust electrical product that will still function reliably even under difficult conditions.

As specialists in ignition systems, we know the sources of electromagnetic disturbance and are world leaders in EMC processes.

Pilot series

Based on your ideas and in close collaboration with your specialists, PRUFREX takes part in the development of your new products.

Prototype construction

The very latest 3D printing technology

In the shortest possible time, we are able to supply you with individually produced prototypes and functional models. We use 3D printing technologies to efficiently produce mechanically functional device models.

We know how important functionally correct sample products are in the early phases of your product, as are impressions of the look and feel of the device as a whole.

Test runs and small series

Mechanically and electronically functional

Our deeply ingrained processes and long-term supplier relationships allow us to realise both test series and A B and C models with great rapidity.

We will produce the functional models and later series on identical machinery.

Test equipment development

An experienced, in-house team of test and analysis specialists stands for the peak of quality – product-specific and exactly as you, the customer, desire it. To ensure quality in serial manufacture early on and guarantee a frictionless start of production, test equipment is incorporated into manufacturing processes and automated production lines.

Functional tests

100% functional testing

When planning tests, we work to your test specifications or develop a cost-optimised, efficient concept. In our tests, we simulate real usage conditions. In this way, we make sure that devices, systems or components will function correctly.

Quality management at PRUFREX also includes developing efficient testing strategies.

In-circuit tests

Electronic measurement

Test contacts on the circuit board, produced for just this purpose, are contacted by fine, spring-loaded test pins. Depending on the series size, the in-circuit test can take place manually or in an automated fashion.

In combination with other test processes, including tests without test contacts, over 90 percent of all errors can be detected.

Special product-specific tests

Individual test strategies

Placement tests, checking the electrical and software functionality, launch tests – depending on your individual requirements and your component, we will develop a test strategy and tune the tests to fit with each other.

Our comprehensive test development methodology accelerates processes running all the way to the delivery of your product and reduced testing costs.

„How can we help you with your EMS project?
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Heiko Diehm, Key Account Manager