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From small runs to million-strong series, we are
there for your EMS tasks, offering the most modern
manufacture and testing technology.

Both in conventional manufacture and in partial and fully automated production, you can rely on our top quality and economy.

Short time-to-market cycles

Small, medium and large series

Material procurement and rapid delivery worldwide

SMD manufacture

Our production facilities are fully up to date. Thanks to the adjustable design of our lines, we can easily implement special solutions.

Reflow soldering technology

In a protective

We have the latest generation  Rehm reflow soldering systems. In particular with regard to temperature zones, they are exceedingly efficient. The soldering process takes place in a protective atmosphere.

In the reflow soldering process, we process through-hole and SMD components. The number of work stages, sources of error and thermal loads is reduced. In the reflow process we are also able to solder through-hole components, thereby reducing sources of error and repeated thermal load and work stages.

Inline programming

Rapid, efficient

So you want to achieve compact shapes for complex components? Our test and programming service is there for you. The system we use keeps line contact high, offers perfect access and ensures precise bonding.

The advantages for you: flexible program selection until shortly before the start of production, no extra expenditure for external programming.

Stencil printing

Highly accurate

Printing the soldering paste takes place using the latest soldering paste stencil printers. They are so exact that even the tiniest elements can be precisely placed.

The faultless print result is reliably assured with a 3D paste inspection.

Pick & place

Saving process

High-performance placement machines by ASM with short setup times and high flexibility form the backbone of our automated SMD placement systems. Our services also include assembly of THR components (pin-in-paste technology).

Extensive monitoring systems and built-in cameras ensure high precision in the placement process.

Precise, customer-specific, economical


The 3D automatic optical inspection of SMD components combines 2D and 3D inspection at maximum speed. Some of our machines allow an inspection in 360 ° steps.

Depending on the machine, excellent dynamic properties and the highest positioning speed can be achieved on the basis of linear drives.

Winding technology

Our fully automated winding centres for fine and self-bonding wire make us the perfect partner for any tasks you require. Our coils are tinned with lead-free coatings (RoHS).

Air-core coils

For lower

To manufacture self-supporting coils, we use self-bonding wire. During winding, the surface of the wire is bonded using hot air. To ensure the coil connections can be soldered, they are then stripped of insulating enamel using a fully automated milling process.

PRUFREX is able to make air core coils with wire thicknesses from 0.045 to 1.6 millimetres.

Single-chamber and multi-chamber coils

magnetic flux

We can wind onto any desired coil form using many different press-in ferrite and metallic cores. Multiple tap coils are also possible. Pins are automatically applied to the coil connections during the winding process, with wire drawing electrically controlled.

Our winding machines handle single-chamber and multi-chamber coils with wire thicknesses from 0.045 to 0.71 millimetres.

Two-wire winding technology

One coil form,
two wire thicknesses

At PRUFREX, single-chamber and multi-chamber coils can also be achieved using two-wire windings. For specific magnetic flux requirements, we apply wires of different thicknesses to the coil form.

Two different wire thicknesses, from 0.045 to 0.71 millimetres, on coil forms with press-in ferrite or metallic cores.

Component assembly

Whether an individual circuit board or full-scale, demanding device assembly – PRUFREX will manufacture your products to your individual specifications and quality guidelines.

Soldering technology

From manual to
laser soldering

Whether it's manual soldering with robotic support, wave and selective soldering or laser soldering – in all assembly tasks, we are able to use any technique required without a problem.

Depending on the component, different soldering technologies offer different advantaged. We will adjust the process individually to your project.

Component placement (THT)


Component placement requires individual approaches. Our range of solutions covers small series produced by hand, medium-size series using semi-automated wave soldering machines and fully automated production lines for large-scale manufacture.

We adjust the level of assembly automation to your project – so that you achieve the best result both economically and technically.

Dispensing technology

Adhesives, silicones, heat-
conducting pastes

Dispensing technologies allow us to adjust your components to additional requirements. Our range of services covers all dispensed materials, from adhesives through heat-conducting pastes to silicones.

Depending on your project requirements, we offer you the most efficient routes to implementation – from manual production to CNC cells.

Vacuum potting

When it comes to the safe protection of your electrical and electronic components, PRUFREX state-of-the-art, automated manufacturing equipment meets all contemporary requirements.

Vacuum potting

Potting components

Epoxy and polyurethane
potting compounds

The use of specially adapted epoxy and polyurethane potting compounds ensures excellent potting characteristics and the best-possible impregnation of components and coils. These optimised potting compounds also contribute to optimal heat dissipation.

As a leading market player in the field of vacuum potting, we achieve the best possible protection for your electronics.

Tests and inspection

Alongside the standard ICT/FCT process, we can also target every individual production stage for verification, as requested. Efficient inspection strategies and final functional tests are a fixed component of our quality management system.

Test equipment construction

Interlocked with our in-house test equipment development

PRUFREX is a manufacturer of test systems and software. In close collaboration with our own test equipment developers, we manufacture beds of nails for the in-circuit test (ICT) and functional test (FCT), alongside test equipment and production aids.

Using the entire range of available test procedures, we will develop a strategy that suits your product.

Environmental simulation

Environmentally tested

In our test laboratory, we are able to carry out static and cyclical environmental simulation for you, from air-to-air and liquid-to-liquid thermal shock tests to storage temperature and humidity tests.

Based on the environment in which the product is to be deployed, we will draw up a tailor-made quality assurance programme.

Inline AOI

for SMT and THT

For components of the most varied shapes and with diverse electronics components, we will set up our AOI stations according to individual needs and provide reliable optical control of the overall assembly.

Automatic optical inspection of your components is naturally part of our service range.

Accelerated life tests

Ensuring the
product lifespan

Through simulation of the conditions that cause ageing (e.g. large temperature fluctuations) we can ensure that the product will reach the required service life.

Products are also subjected to further customer-specific tests in fields such as EMC, overload resistance and mechanical loading.

Flying probe test

Test quickly and flexibly

This electrical test process is ideal for testing smaller numbers of units, such as for pre-production, prototype or pilot series. The rapid test creation process allows, among other things, flexible reaction to product changes.

Flying probe tests can be rapidly set up and are cost-efficient.

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